The portal consists of a collection of essential topics for teams building digital products of platforms. The topics here are curated through volunteering efforts of industry professionals by SLASSCOM.

Team should embrace the Product Mindset

Your team’s culture, attitude and the mindset is an important factor to succeed in the product space. Below are some traits important to cultivate in your teams. continu reading

Products should excel in multiple areas

In our experience, broadly, there are four areas your team must excel in developing a market winning product. You will find the importance and the descriptions of these 4 ‘areas of excellence’ below. continu reading

Despite Growth, Most Products Fail

The market trend is lucrative. Despite that trend, many Software Products fail. Why? Well, they fail to reach the full potential due to vital issues in product management and engineering.

Let’s face the facts. Creating a market winning (leading) product is not easy. If that’s your goal, you need a massive amount of additional knowledge and skills beyond typical software development. You’re going to need a broader sense of the domain, market trends, product management techniques, customer engagement ability as well as resilient engineering capabilities. These skills are not taught at universities or gained through general software development work. “Winning Product” equips you with these tools to help you attain that market leading edge.

Products require advanced skills than mere software development

Common mistake of novice product teams is that they overlook the specialty of ‘product’ development. Product development is vastly different from bespoke/enterprise application development. Following sections outline some of the reasons behind the differences: continu reading

PPC Academy Topics

As per the product’s lifecycle can be divided into 8 stages. Unlike the Waterfall phases they are iterative at product level, module level and even at feature level. These stages differ in subtle but important ways. By understanding the focus of each stage, you can understand the strategic activities within it.

You can click on each stage to see the detailed topics to learn.